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    Bathroom Design Trends for 2021! What are they?

    By Sally Mark December 17, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM SIDLER! Let’s take a look at the upcoming bathroom design trends for the new year from the experts.      Before we jump into looking at the exciting 2021 bathroom design trends, we first want to wish everyone a Season’s Greetings and a Happy Holidays… Read More

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    By Sally Mark October 20, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    Is there anything pretty about seeing your bathroom mirror desilver?   When it comes to your home renovation, there are three key focal point ‘home improvement’ areas that will automatically give your home a facelift plus, increase its value; your living room, kitchen… Read More

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    Medicine Cabinets and a Makeover with HGTV!

    By Sally Mark August 28, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    MEDICINE CABINETS AS AN OPTION PLUS A MAKEOVER! This is especially the situation when we are rushing out of the house to get to work or take the kids to school or for social commitments….the list goes on.  So, wouldn’t it be ideal to have some form of a storage… Read More


    Mirrored Medicine Cabinets Vs. Standard Mirrors – What Works for You?

    By Sally Mark August 22, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    Medicine or mirrored cabinets are a luxurious and seamless design element for your bathroom!  SIDLER’s mirrored medicine cabinets are not only a luxury design, but is storage solution for you!   How does a mirrored medicine cabinet compare with your standard mirror?   First of all, let’s look… Read More

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    LED Cabinets – Lighting, Mirrors, Bathroom Accessories, LEED Certification

    By Michael Merkli October 19, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    Let’s talk FACTS!!   It is no secret that LED lighting is not just the future, but rather the present.   The fact that you can get 50,000 hours of light via this energy efficient source should come as no surprise.   Here is a light Comparison. Read More

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    2017 Analysis of United States Households.

    By Michael Merkli September 26, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    2017 Analysis of United States Households of business goals and consumer behaviour!   There seems to be an approach to Marketing or overall business from a micro-level, which definitely works, but there also needs to be a focus on some key, obvious factors we tend to ignore.   Human psychology… Read More

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    SIDLER – Bathroom Cabinets, Medicine Cabinets, Mirrors and Lighting.

    By Michael Merkli August 31, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    SIDLER Bathroom Cabinets have so much to offer, which can’t always be illustrated through simplified text.   For example, “SilverLasting Double-Sided”  speaks on the durability of the mirrors over time and how it can withstand desilvering; but the majority of people don’t know what desilvering is (which is fair if… Read More

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    Top 5 Medicine Cabinets!

    By Michael Merkli July 29, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    Content re-written by Sally Mark, Marketing and Communications Manager  – August 26, 2020 Top 5 medicine cabinets?  What and who are they?   There are so many architectural buildings and developments that represent modern design and aesthetics.  In the world of mirrored medicine cabinets this is also the case.  … Read More

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    SIDLER, Time to Get Illuminated!

    By Mario Sidler March 4, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    Time to Get Illuminated! SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet’s many stand out features and options are what makes this a high-quality, luxury and practical storage solution for your bathroom and home.   SDILER wants to provide a summary and education on our Mirrored Cabinet Collections to assist customers in finding… Read More