• SIDLER Blog Ocular Challenges

    Ocular Challenges? Key Design & Lightning Accommodations in Bathroom Design!

    By Sally Mark November 8, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    DO YOUR EYES HAVE LIGHT SENSITIVITIES?  DO YOU HAVE REDUCED VISION OR ACUTE VISION LOSS OR PHOTOPHOBIA?  DO YOU SUFFER FROM EYE PAIN OR CHRONIC DRY, RED EYES?     Let’s take a look at key design and lighting accommodations that address these ocular challenges so you… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog compact home micro living

    Micro Living in a Compact Home? Storage Solutions to Consider!

    By Sally Mark June 16, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    COMPACT HOME?  MICRO LIVING WITH LIMITED SPACE? You don’t have to give up storage and functional space to live in a smaller home!   In 2007, there was an emergence of the compact home or tiny-house movement or the “small-house” movement within North America, which is an architectural… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog Bathroom Remodel

    Collaboration Gives Birth to Creative Design – Bathroom Remodel Project!

    By Sally Mark April 1, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    The Philadelphia Bathroom Design Project We love to get involved and help! WE ARE A COMPANY WHO CARES ABOUT OUR PEOPLE AND OUR COMMUNITY!   COLLABORATION.  What does the word collaboration mean?  This is a word to describe a deeply human activity or a working practice… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog Sidler Sidelight Mirrored Medicine Cabinet


    By Sally Mark February 17, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    BATHROOM DESIGN TRENDS IN 2020? What were the dominant design trends and which ones failed to gain any steam?    SIDLER WISHES EVERYONE A GREAT START TO A HAPPY NEW YEAR!   SIDLER wishes everyone a Happy New Year!  And we hope this new year… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog

    Bathroom Design Trends for 2021! What are they?

    By Sally Mark December 8, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM SIDLER! Let’s take a look at the upcoming bathroom design trends for the new year from the experts.      Before we jump into looking at the exciting 2021 bathroom design trends, we first want to wish everyone a Season’s Greetings and a Happy Holidays… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog Sidler Diamando with new LED light

    A Recessed Mirrored Cabinet…A Disaster or Smart Design?

    By Sally Mark January 27, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    Is there an advantage to flush mounting your bathroom mirrored cabinet?   SIDLER Modello Mirrored Cabinet (Recessed Mounted)   A mirrored cabinet for your bathroom is a key design option to strongly consider when you are down to putting the finishing touches on your 2… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog


    By Sally Mark October 20, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    Is there anything pretty about seeing your bathroom mirror desilver?   When it comes to your home renovation, there are three key focal point ‘home improvement’ areas that will automatically give your home a facelift plus, increase its value; your living room, kitchen… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog HGTV sidler

    Medicine Cabinets and a Makeover with HGTV!

    By Sally Mark August 28, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    MEDICINE CABINETS AS AN OPTION PLUS A MAKEOVER! This is especially the situation when we are rushing out of the house to get to work or take the kids to school or for social commitments….the list goes on.  So, wouldn’t it be ideal to have some form of a storage… Read More


    Mirrored Medicine Cabinets Vs. Standard Mirrors – What Works for You?

    By Sally Mark August 22, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    Medicine or mirrored cabinets are a luxurious and seamless design element for your bathroom!  SIDLER’s mirrored medicine cabinets are not only a luxury design, but is storage solution for you!   How does a mirrored medicine cabinet compare with your standard mirror?   First of all,… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog

    LED Cabinets – Lighting, Mirrors, Bathroom Accessories, LEED Certification

    By Michael Merkli October 19, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    Let’s talk FACTS!!   It is no secret that LED lighting is not just the future, but rather the present.   The fact that you can get 50,000 hours of light via this energy efficient source should come as no surprise.   Here is a light Comparison. Read More