• SIDLER Blog Sidler Quadro Lit LED Mirrored Cabinet

    6 Key Elements On The Road To Create An Award-Winning Bathroom! Featuring the Quadro!

    BySally Mark March 15, 2023 SIDLER Blog

    SIDLER’S QUADRO COLLECTION IS FEATURED IN THE WINNING BATHROOM DESIGN FOR THE 2022 NATIONAL KITCHEN & BATH ASSOCIATION (NKBA) – WESTERN CANADA DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS!   Vancouver, BC Interior design and contracting firm, maison d’etre design-build inc. is the proud recipient of the 2022 National Kitchen… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog bathroom design trends for 2023

    Bathroom Design Trends for 2023! What Are The Top 3 Key Trends?

    BySally Mark December 12, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    Season’s Greetings from SIDLER! What are the Bathroom Design Trends for 2023?   Before we jump into looking at the exciting 2023 bathroom design trends, we first want to wish everyone a Season’s Greetings and a Happy Holidays for 2022!  We at SIDLER hope you all… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog sustainable eco-friendly bathroom

    Sustainable Bathroom Design? GO GREEN By Creating An Eco-Friendly Bathroom Space!

    BySally Mark October 15, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    DO YOU WANT A SUSTAINABLE ‘GREEN SPACE’ BATHROOM? FIND OUT THE 6 WAYS YOU CAN DESIGN AN ECO-FRIENDLIER BATHROOM SPACE!    Sustainable living has become a lifestyle choice for many, but it is also becoming so crucial to preserve our environment, to manage climate control and… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog bathroom lighting design

    6 Unique And Innovative Lighting Designs For Your Bathroom!

    BySally Mark August 15, 2022 SIDLER Blog

     INNOVATIVE, UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL BATHROOM LIGHTING? FIND OUT THE TOP 6 TRENDING LIGHTING DESIGNS FOR YOUR BATHROOM!!    Light, light, light and more light!  Light is so key in our daily lives in not only nature’s own ‘light’ from the sun, but also for interior lighting… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog spa design bathroom

    Transform Your Bathroom! 5 Ways to Create a Spa Oasis!!

    BySally Mark June 23, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    DO YOU NEED TO UNWIND AT THE END OF A LONG DAY AND NEED SOME RELAXATION?  Let’s take a look at 5 design ideas you can do to transform your bathroom space and create a spa retreat experience! BATHROOM DESIGN WITH SPA THEME FEATURING… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog spring bathroom design trends

    Shed The Winter Blues! Spring Into Action With 5 Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Bathroom!!

    BySally Mark May 9, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    NO MORE WINTER BLUES! JUMP INTO THE SPRING SEASON WITH SPLASHES OF ‘SPRING’ INSPIRED DESIGN COLOURS AND TEXTURES FOR YOUR BATHROOM DESIGN!     As it happens every single year, most of us are excited to see the coming of spring with its warmer weather and… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog Lighting and functional

    Lighting and Functional Bathroom Design…. What is the relationship?

    BySally Mark April 1, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    LIGHTING TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME! HOW DOES LIGHTING PLAY A ROLE IN HOME AND BATHROOM DESIGN? Let’s take a look at a functional storage option with the benefits of illumination! MODELLO MIRRORED CABINET WITH LED LIGHT STRIPS   When… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog


    BySally Mark February 6, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    LET’S TAKE A LOOK BACK AT THE 2021 BATHROOM DESIGN TRENDS! What were the dominant design trends and which ones failed to gain any steam?   BATHROOM DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2021 – PHOTO FEATURES SIDLER LED COLLECTION   SIDLER WISHES EVERYONE A GREAT… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog Bathroom Design Trends 2022

    Bathroom Design Trends for 2022! What Are the Top 5 Key Trends?

    BySally Mark December 6, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM SIDLER! What is trending for bathroom design in 2022? Before we jump into looking at the exciting 2022 bathroom design trends, we first want to wish everyone a Season’s Greetings and a Happy Holidays for 2021!  We at SIDLER hope you all have a wonderful… Read More

  • SIDLER Blog Ocular Challenges

    Ocular Challenges? Key Design & Lightning Accommodations in Bathroom Design!

    BySally Mark November 8, 2021 SIDLER Blog

    DO YOUR EYES HAVE LIGHT SENSITIVITIES?  DO YOU HAVE REDUCED VISION OR ACUTE VISION LOSS OR PHOTOPHOBIA?  DO YOU SUFFER FROM EYE PAIN OR CHRONIC DRY, RED EYES?     Let’s take a look at key design and lighting accommodations that address these ocular challenges so you… Read More