Let’s take a look at 5 design ideas you can do to transform your bathroom space and create a spa retreat experience!

bathroom spa design




To help us start this journey, SIDLER has been honoured to have an award winning Interior Designer, Jhoiey Ramirez of The Sycamore Collective provide her expertise and insight into this.



Without further ado, here are 5 design elements to create a bathroom that embraces and provides the ultimate, luxury spa atmosphere. 




We use a lot of accent and hidden lighting in the bathroom space to create a spa design and environment.



The accent lighting evokes an essence of luxury allowing us to indulge and feel as though we are escaping to a spa.  The hidden lighting is integrated into the fabric of the design to allow for soft, subtle illumination. This illumination allows your eyes to relax and recharge.






There are several different variations of using tone to create your spa space. By adding warm tones such as, wood elements we are reminded of nature.  Wood tones are warm and gives us a sense of comfort making us feel at home.  While the design goal achieved is the creation of a bathroom atmosphere where you can escape; it is also to create a relaxed environment to de-stress and feel at ease.



Your eyes, mood and mind can calm down when certain tones are added such as, black or dark colours.  These darker tones mute any brightness and create serenity in your bathroom with this ‘cozy cave-like’ feeling where you can escape reality and daily stressors.  Also, natural colors such as greens or blues pull nature into the bathroom space further evoking an atmosphere of calm and serenity.






We use steam rooms and saunas in the bathroom space to provide the element of heat as a way to soothe the body.



The warmer our muscles are, the faster they loosen, relax and we then start to unwind with a feeling of tranquility and re-energized, ready to face the world.  These spas and saunas also create a touch of luxury and indulgence in the bathroom space, which is an added feature to make you feel pampered at the end of a long day.






The most important element in any room but specifically where the goal is to create an atmosphere of relaxation; is to personalize it.



As interior designers, we spend a lot of time with our clients determining their personalities, learning what they find relaxing and/or stressful so, that we can better design for their specific needs and desired outcomes.  Therefore, incorporating a customized approach by personalizing a bathroom space to fit a person’s vision, desires and needs when it comes design in turn creates the ideal space for them to pamper themselves, relax and escape.






The lush greenery of nature is so key to creating a spa experience bathroom space.  Greenspace and plants helps us breathe better and re-energize as there is ongoing research suggesting indoor plants not only purify the air, but have calming effects on your mood, stress levels and blood pressure.  So, adding plants and greenspace in and around a bathroom space designed to create a spa atmosphere not only help calm, soothe and regulate your mood; but are vital to your overall health and well-being.



By integrating nature into the bathroom space either through windows overlooking strategically placed foliage, garden flower beds or by connecting doors straight into a private terrace where nature is directly drawn into the bathroom space; are effective ways to create a spa experience with greenery.  Another effective way to incorporate nature into the bathroom space is with the placement of plants throughout the space if windows and or doors are not a viable option. 






In order to unwind, relax and pamper yourself, checking into a fancy resort or hotel or travelling to a remote island with a beach view are not your only options to experience a much needed vacation from life’s daily stressors or just to have some quiet time to feel calm and unwind.  You can experience your own private spa oasis in your home through creative and personalized bathroom design.  Bathroom design not only creates a functional space with beautiful aesthetics, but it can also create a luxury of various experiences such as your own in-house spa. 


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