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    August 2020-SIDLER, INSIDE REFLECTIONS – The Pretty Side Of Mirror Desilvering!

    By Sally Mark August 1, 2020 Inside Reflections Newsletter

    THE PRETTY SIDE OF MIRROR DESILVERING!   Is there anything pretty about seeing your bathroom mirror desilver?   When it comes to your home renovation, there are three key focal point ‘home improvement’ areas that will automatically give your home a facelift plus, increase its value; your living room, kitchen… Read More

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    Medicine Cabinets and a Makeover with HGTV!

    By Sally Mark August 28, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    MEDICINE CABINETS AS AN OPTION PLUS A MAKEOVER! This is especially the situation when we are rushing out of the house to get to work or take the kids to school or for social commitments….the list goes on.  So, wouldn’t it be ideal to have some form of a storage… Read More


    Mirrored Medicine Cabinets Vs. Standard Mirrors – What Works for You?

    By Sally Mark August 22, 2020 SIDLER Blog

    Medicine or mirrored cabinets are a luxurious and seamless design element for your bathroom!  SIDLER’s mirrored medicine cabinets are not only a luxury design, but is storage solution for you!   How does a mirrored medicine cabinet compare with your standard mirror?   First of all,… Read More

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    Create! A Custom Mirrored Cabinet – SIDLER Modello Collection!

    By Sally Mark August 22, 2020 SIDLER News

    Create a custom mirrored medicine cabinet with the SIDLER Modello Collection.   This is a ‘design your own’ customizable cabinet!     SIDLER®’s Modello features an enhanced anodized aluminum body including a mirrored back.  The  Modello is the standard cabinet where it can be customized your own… Read More