Inspirations And Testimonials

August 8, 2022
Bathroom Features The SIDLER Modello Mirrored Cabinet, Leonia, NJ

We have been specifying Sidler medicine cabinets on our clients’ projects, and our own home bathrooms as well, for over ten years.  Sidler cabinets are beautifully designed, well fabricated and come in a variety of sizes, styles and options.  Sidler is our go-to mirrored medicine cabinet, and we look forward to our continued collaboration!

Heidi Cunningham, Pulice Williams Architects
October 6, 2022
Bathroom Features The SIDLER Modello Mirrored Cabinet And Quadro Mirrored Cabinet, Charlottesville, VA

I was thrilled to find Sidler’s products while searching for lighted medicine cabinets as part of a major renovation project. I bought three cabinets: one lighted with an interior outlet, and two ganged together, again with an interior outlet in one.  Everything is very nicely designed, and the hinges work beautifully.  There are caps and plugs to cover the hinges and unused peg holes, a nice touch.  The lighted mirror, the Quadro, has the patented shelf adjustment system.  I love this! I exclaimed about it to my contractor, who laughed and said he’d never had a client get excited about a shelf adjustment system before.  But it is super easy to use.

Besides the great design and function, though, what stands out tremendously is Sidler’s service. A carpenter damaged one of Quadro’s light covers, and we were able to buy the replacement part.  Some of the shelf holders were lost by us, and Sidler provided a replacement.  They even helped me when I broke a shelf putting on the hinge caps (I was mortified; I should have taken the shelf out first).  This is a company that stands not just behind their product, but also for their customers being delighted.  I’m a fan!

Fritz Knabe
February 28, 2022
Bathroom Features The SIDLER Tall Mirrored Cabinet With Customized Framing, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

When remodeling my Coastal bathroom in Florida I knew that I needed an extra large medicine cabinet, because of my medical conditions, but I didn’t want people to know it was a medicine cabinet. I wanted it to look like a custom full length mirror, while hiding all of my medications and counter clutter! After searching the internet for all of my options there really was only one choice for what I wanted. That was the 60” tall Sidler Medicine Cabinet! I chose the 6” depth too because I wanted it to comfortably fit everything from my medications to my blow dryer!

Because the 6” depth was deeper than the wall, it actually gave the custom built framing a very elegant look for my “spa retreat” bathroom! Our contractor framed it out with a wood box and crown molding that matched the rest of the molding in our bath.

We added a steam room and custom closet but my absolute favorite thing is my medicine cabinet mirror! It gets the most “Ooos and Aaahs” of everything in there! It is an amazing quality cabinet that not only does it’s job, it does it’s job BEAUTIFULLY!

Thank you Sidler!

Shay Horner
September 30, 2021
These bathroom designs feature recess mounted SIDLER Singla and Modello mirrored cabinets. Bathroom remodel by Samaha & Hart Architecture, San Francisco, CA.

We have been specifying Sidler medicine cabinets on our clients’ projects, and our own home bathrooms as well, for over ten years. Sidler cabinets are beautifully designed, well fabricated and come in a variety of sizes, styles and options. Sidler is our go-to medicine cabinet, and we look forward to our continued collaboration!

Bassel Samaha, Samaha & Hart Architecture
June 30, 2021
Bathroom Features The SIDLER 24" Quadro Mirrored Cabinet - From Bathana Bath & Decor, Brooklyn, NY

Sidler is a well-known and respected brand providing exceptional products. We choose to specify Sidler in many of our high-end projects because of the high quality of the products and attention to detail that Sidler puts into every piece. We are always so happy with the final look once a project is completed using Sidler solidified by the rave reviews we receive after– whether its 1 piece or 200 pieces I would recommend Sidler to anyone who has a desire in elevating their bathroom into a beautiful space!

Thank you Sidler!

Bathana Bath & Décor, Moses Blum and Linor Ben-Naim

Bathana Bath & Decor
February 11, 2021
Bathroom Features The SIDLER Diamando LED Lit Mirrored Cabinet, Vancouver, BC

It’s great to have this high quality mirrored cabinet in the bathroom.   It was quite simple to setup and love how the lights are not too warm and are bright enough to light up the whole vanity.   Shelving was easily adjustable to make things fit just right.   It’s great to have everything easily organized while also having a small profile, which keeps things nice and modern.   The included accessories were also a nice surprise, especially the small magnifying mirror – I got a whole new perspective of my face.

Ryan Chong
October 23, 2020
Bathroom Features The SIDLER LED Collection Mirrored Cabinet, West Vancouver, BC

I just got my first Sidler bathroom cabinet, but it won’t be my last! My vanity space is very small and the design of my new cabinet maximizes every square inch. The inside storage and magnifying mirror are cleverly hidden behind the sleek design of the cabinet door. And, the built-in electrical outlet allows me to keep my toothbrush and other small appliances charged and out of sight. My countertops are clear, making my small bathroom clutter-free! Friendly, knowledgable service and clear instructions for installation. Like I said… I’ll be back. Thanks, Sidler!

Angela Flumerfelt
July 28, 2020
SIDLER Modello Mirrored Cabinet-Sold to Customer by KONST Union, Bethesda, MD

I wanted to share my photos of our Sidler mirrored cabinet in the completed renovated bathroom.   We LOVE it!  Thank you again to SIDLER International for a quality mirrored medicine cabinet.  And for the excellent customer support you provided us to get the instructions ahead of time so the hole could be pre-cut for the perfect fit!

Janine Stier
July 20, 2020
SIDLER Modello And Tall Mirrored Cabinets-Sold to Customer by Central AZ Supply, Casa Grande, AZ

I really love my new Sidler medicine cabinets in my remodeled bathroom!   I especially really love the Tall as I can see myself more full length and to see the back of my hair for styling.  My new bathroom feels so open and much larger because of our Sidler mirrored medicine cabinets.  I want to share my happiness!

December 12, 2019
Bathroom Features The SIDLER Tall Mirrored Cabinet. Bathroom Remodel by Architect Linda Spring, Easton, MD

The reason for choosing these particular Sidler cabinets:  I like to use tall mirrors for the sense of height and spaciousness they give to a bathroom.  It’s a luxury to have tall beautiful mirrors with ample space to keep electronics and cosmetics organized and hidden from view.

Linda Spring, Architect