• SIDLER News Xamo Medicine Mirrored Cabinet

    Contemporary Functionality with LED Light – Introducing the NEW SIDLER Xamo Collection!

    By Sally Mark November 18, 2021 SIDLER News

    A CONTEMPORARY DESIGN WITH MODERN FUNCTIONALITY!   The SIDLER® Xamo mirrored medicine cabinet embodies the functionality of modern convenience combined with contemporary design.    This mirrored medicine cabinet can be recess or surface mounted where both options highlight the beautiful design of this collection.  The SIDLER®… Read More

  • SIDLER News Jamie Banfield Design

    Jamie Banfield Design 2020 Holiday Giveaway Contest!

    By Sally Mark January 13, 2021 SIDLER News

    Jamie Banfield Design Holiday Season collaboration with SIDLER!   WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!   SIDLER International is a company who cares and likes to get involved by collaborating with other home design and property development/building industry leaders in altruistic campaigns, projects and events.   One such project collaboration is with… Read More

  • SIDLER News

    Create! A Custom Mirrored Cabinet – SIDLER Modello Collection!

    By Sally Mark August 22, 2020 SIDLER News

    Create a custom mirrored medicine cabinet with the SIDLER Modello Collection.   This is a ‘design your own’ customizable cabinet!     SIDLER®’s Modello features an enhanced anodized aluminum body including a mirrored back.  The  Modello is the standard cabinet where it can be customized your own… Read More

  • SIDLER News

    SIDLER Launches NEW Electric Cabinet With Unbeatable Features!

    By Michael Merkli December 4, 2018 SIDLER News

    Content re-written by Sally Mark, Marketing and Communications Manager – August 25, 2020   SIDLER launches and introduces the NEW Electric Modello Mirrored Cabinet!   We have new and exciting news!  Our Sidler Modello Cabinets are UL Certified and fully in-stock.   This is a ‘design your own’ customizable cabinet!… Read More

  • SIDLER News Custom Bathroom Cabinets

    Custom Bathroom Cabinets from SIDLER!

    By Michael Merkli October 10, 2017 SIDLER News

    SIDLER has some exciting news for you about custom cabinets – The new Customizable bathroom cabinets are Here!!! Introducing the Modello Collection   Sidler’s Modello Collection How would you like a Product with Multiple Options? Since we are on the topic of Cabinets – Lets talk… Read More

  • SIDLER News SIDLER Tall collection

    SIDLER’s Tall Collection – A Full length Mirror with Storage [Video]

    By Michael Merkli September 26, 2017 SIDLER News

    Sidler’s Tall Collection is unlike most full-length mirrors or cabinets on the market; to be honest, this is my favorite collection.  You can add this to your closet for additional storage space or simply in your bathroom.   The SilverLasting Double-Sided Mirror Door allows for such versatility, because it… Read More

  • SIDLER News sidler medicine cabinets

    Install Your SIDLER LED Medicine Cabinet.

    By Michael Merkli July 12, 2017 SIDLER News

    Install your SIDLER LED Mirrored Cabinet? A How To Guide!   Install your mirrored medicine cabinet with these tips.  Our LED medicine Cabinet Collection is slowly becoming one of our most popular collections. With the Transition to LED, its evident that it is much more energy efficient and… Read More

  • SIDLER News sidler medicine cabinets

    Install A SIDLER Diamando Mirrored Cabinet

    By Michael Merkli July 12, 2017 SIDLER News

    A How To Guide For Installing Your SIDLER Diamando Mirrored Cabinet!   Install of a SIDLER Minored Cabinet is seamless!   SIDLER created a video tutorial on how to install your Diamando Mirrored Cabinet.  A common practice with alot of products in the home decor industry, and especially with… Read More

  • SIDLER News SIDLER® International Ltd. - SIDLER® SIDELIGHT - Bathroom Mirror Cabinets, Medicine Cabinets - Vancouver BC, Canada

    SIDELIGHT Collection from SIDLER – An Introduction

    By Michael Merkli July 10, 2017 SIDLER News

    Introducing you to the SIDLER Sidelight collection from SIDLER!   SIDELIGHT Collection! The essence of innovative modern design!   The gliding mirror door from SIDLER® evokes luxury through new innovative technology. Our beautiful design complimented by functionality makes the SIDELIGHT a futuristic solution in mirrored medicine cabinet… Read More

  • SIDLER News SIDLER Sidelight

    Medicine Cabinets in Swiss Quality – The NEW Sidelight!

    By Michael Merkli March 4, 2017 SIDLER News

    Introducing the New SIDELIGHT From SIDLER®   SIDLER Medicine Cabinet, mirror cabinets, light mirrors   Medicine cabinets at SIDLER has taken innovation to a new level by incorporating what looks like a “lighted mirror” and creating “gliding door” mirrored medicine cabinet in our new SIDELIGHT collection.  At a… Read More