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    LED Cabinets – Lighting, Mirrors, Bathroom Accessories, LEED Certification

    By Michael Merkli October 19, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    Let’s talk FACTS!!   It is no secret that LED lighting is not just the future, but rather the present.   The fact that you can get 50,000 hours of light via this energy efficient source should come as no surprise.   Here is a light Comparison. Read More

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    Custom Bathroom Cabinets from SIDLER!

    By Michael Merkli October 10, 2017 SIDLER News

    SIDLER has some exciting news for you about custom cabinets – The new Customizable bathroom cabinets are Here!!! Introducing the Modello Collection   Sidler’s Modello Collection How would you like a Product with Multiple Options? Since we are on the topic of Cabinets – Lets talk… Read More