Michael Merkli


Michael Merkli, the President of SIDLER® International Ltd. in North Anerica wears many hats.  He is known for his versatility in management and operations, finance and the day-to-day function of the company.  As a Swiss born entrepreneur, he immediately identified with the SIDLER® brand which stands for passion and detailed quality.  Michael’s adaptability extends from financial management to human resources, and business management.   He co-manages overall operations and sales with Mario Silder.  Michael plays an integral role and  is a key asset to SIDLER®’s ever-growing brand in North America.

“I appreciate the attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship of SIDLER® products… I enjoy transforming the creative requests of designers and architects into custom SIDLER® cabinets.

Mario Sidler

Vice President, Sales & Product Management

Mario Sidler expanded the family business of over 65 years from product development and management to overseeing the induction of the business in Vancouver, BC.  He is the face of SIDLER® and can be exclusively credited for introducing and establishing the SIDLER® brand in North America. The Swiss native has made the journey back to Switzerland where he now oversees the European SIDLER Swiss company.  From the office and factory in Switzerland, Mario also oversees design, development and production of new products for the overall SIDLER® brand.  Mario co-manages the North American operations and sales activities with President, Michael Merkli.

“Our craftsmanship is the best in the world with cutting edge design and technology… I love working out the specifics and providing the best solutions for their vision.”

Shawn Grenier

Branch & Sales Manager

Shawn Grenier, the Branch and Sales Manager of SIDLER® International Ltd. is known for his breadth of sales leadership.  Shawn has 23+ years of B2B sales experience and 16 years as a sales leader with proven success leading high performing sales teams.  He has a unique combination of inside and outside sales leadership, mentoring, training, coaching and problem-solving skills, which has led to success at all levels of individual sales teams and sales channels, and a track-record exceeding targets.  In working with SIDLER®’s Brand Ambassadors and dealers, Shawn’s role is to further facilitate customer satisfaction and a growing revenue stream.  Shawn will also assist the owners to oversee the overall day-to-day operations of  SIDLER®’s North America office.

“There is an unmatched quality and thoughtfulness that goes into every SIDLER® mirrored cabinet collection.  Our collaborative and consultative approach at SIDLER® allows for excellence and consistency in our process to always exceed our customer expectations.  I am very proud to be a part of a team where quality and continued innovation are a part of our core values. Everything we do at SIDLER® is done with pride and to be the ‘best-in-class’ in decorative mirrored cabinet storage solutions!”


Sally Mark

Director, Marketing & Communications

Sally Mark, the Director of Marketing and Communications at SIDLER® International Ltd. is a “go-getter” marketing strategist with over 25+ years of valuable experience in brand growth, and managing successful traditional and digital marketing campaigns and initiatives.  She has strong internal and external communication skills, which contribute to her ability to build and maintain strong channel marketing relationships.  This combined with her creative and strategic approach has contributed to the successful launching and promotion of various products and services to positively impact brand awareness, and company revenue growth.  As the marketing specialist for SIDLER®, Sally plays an integral role in spearheading the marketing, communications and promotion of SIDLER®’s collection of high quality,  innovative mirrored cabinet solutions across North America.

“I am very proud to be a part of a team of true, professional innovators and solution providers in mirrored cabinets at SIDLER®.  My role and goal as a marketing professional is to represent the SIDLER® brand and  our products by showcasing the benefits and innovative design of this long-standing, high quality brand.”

Holly Therrien

Office Manager & Customer Service Administrator

Holly Therrien is the Office Manager and Customer Service Administrator at SIDLER® International Ltd. in North America.  Holly has a number of years of experience within the architecture and design industry.  With experience in office administration and customer service, she ensures SIDLER® as a manufacturer and our dealers exceed expectations in quality and service as customers are the key to any business.  Her eagerness and ability to learn and adapt from the day-to-day operations in office administration and customer service management of product orders, has propelled her to being the ‘hub’ of the office and a vital asset for SIDLER®.

“SIDLER®’s long-standing quality is unmatched.  My experience and adaptability ensure our customer service and administration meets the same high-quality standards of our products.  I love engaging with our customers to help facilitate a positive ‘customer experience’ for them from the initial product order to the final installation.”