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Sidler Team

Mario Sidler

Sales & Product Manager

From product development to managing the business in Vancouver, BC, Mario SIDLER has expanded the family business of over 60 years. Today, he is the face of SIDLER, and can be exclusively credited for introducing and establishing the SIDLER name in North America. The Swiss native currently manages the North American Sales activities, while residing in Switzerland in order to design and produce new products to the overall Brand of SIDLER.

“Our craftsmanship is the best in the world with cutting edge design and technology… I love working out the specifics and providing the best solutions for their vision.”

Michael Merkli


The new President of Sidler International wears many hats and is known for his versatility in management and overall day-to-day business. As Swiss born entrepreneur, he immediately identified with the SIDLER brand which stands for passion and detailed quality. Michael’s adaptability extends from accounting to Human Resources and overall management; he is a key asset to SIDLER’s ever-growing name.

“I appreciate the attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship of SIDLER products… [I] enjoy transforming the creative requests of designers and architects into custom SIDLER cabinets.”

Kane Dabir

Sales & Marketing Manager

With a background in film production and digital marketing, Kane seeks to transcribe the SIDLER Language of detail and luxury for the North American market. A swiss-quality-enthusiast with a passion for analytics and statistics, identifies with the precision required to create each SIDLER product. In combination with Michael and Mario, SIDLER will be a prominent name in the luxury bathroom market for years to come.

“When you have an amazing product, it speaks for itself.”

Holly Therrien

Customer Service Administrator