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    Lighting and Functional Bathroom Design…. What is the relationship?

    By Sally Mark April 1, 2022 SIDLER Blog

    LIGHTING TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME! HOW DOES LIGHTING PLAY A ROLE IN HOME AND BATHROOM DESIGN? Let’s take a look at a functional storage option with the benefits of illumination! MODELLO MIRRORED CABINET WITH LED LIGHT STRIPS   When… Read More

  • SIDLER News LED Light Technology

    Technical Facts about Lighting in a SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet!

    By Sally Mark April 1, 2022 SIDLER News

    HERE ARE SOME INTERESTING FACTOIDS ABOUT THE LIGHTING IN SIDLER’S LIT MIRRORED CABINETS!  What makes the “light” in a SIDLER lit mirrored cabinet stand out?   We discussed the relationship between lighting in home and bathroom design in our blog here. Read More