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What are the Bathroom Design Trends for 2023?


Before we jump into looking at the exciting 2023 bathroom design trends, we first want to wish everyone a Season’s Greetings and a Happy Holidays for 2022!  We at SIDLER hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with well wishes for a bright and joyous new year.


Season's Greetings for 2022


Let’s take a look at the upcoming bathroom design trends for the new year from an interior design expert. 


To help us start this journey, SIDLER has been honoured to have Jamie Banfield from Jamie Banfield Design who is the Founder and Principal Interior Designer of this award-winning interior design firm to provide his expertise and insight into the bathroom design trends for 2023.


So, without further ado, we will take you on a journey into what will be trending for bathroom design in 2023.


Let’s get started!


Top 3 Bathroom Design Trends in 2023

Written by Alison Lund & Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design
Edited by Sally Mark, SIDLER International Ltd.


2023 is shaping up to be a year of juxtaposition.  Bathroom designs are pushing the boundaries of traditional labels, carving a new path for designs that can’t be defined as one thing or another.


We are seeing dark contrast with natural lighting; masculine yet feminine details; and Old-World charm combined with modern technology.  Classic features such as organic elements and clean lines aren’t going anywhere, but it’s all about how you mix them with modern ideas to create something new.




A Splash of Dark: One of the more straightforward ways to incorporate soft contrast is with colour. For 2022, we predicted white-on-white as the trendy design choice.  While a classic and timeless choice, pops of darker colours are being integrated into the design to supply a focal point against a canvas of white or another neutral colour.




Dark floors, fixtures, or even a painted ceiling can pull focus into the space.  A safe way to incorporating a pop of dark is with matte black or gunmetal finishes for your plumbing.



Masculine and Feminine Harmony: Combining a dichotomy of design elements doesn’t have to be an extreme in conflicting contrast.  These contrasts can instead result in a happy marriage achieving a healthy medium between two conflicting styles.



For example, a tap may incorporate masculine elements such as carved or ribbed details on the handles, but a curved faucet smooths it out to be equally feminine.





Classic Innovations: Along the same vein, exciting new innovations in technology have people wanting to try smart controls for their showers and other bathroom needs.  This modern technology includes shower controls that set the water heat before you get in or motion sensor faucets, which are designed to conserve water consumption.  However, not everyone wishes to opt for an ultra-modern design style when using these modern technologies.  Instead, you can mix classic innovations with modern lines, digital controls, and accessibility.


For example, a bathroom vanity cabinet and a mirror designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic and LED lighting enhancements can be happily married with using a more classic material such as a texturized darker wood.



Of if you want more storage above the vanity, adding a functional solution such as a mirrored cabinet, which is both adaptable in either a modern or classic bathroom space is a flexible design element.  SIDLER’s customizable Modello cabinets with add-on options such as integrated outlets and dimmable lighting to not only store your bathroom toiletries, but for heatproof hair tools and accessories.  Clients are always asking for a “hotel-like experience” and customizing your cabinets is one way to create accessible solutions for a relaxing and functional environment.



Other ways to embrace a design of classic innovations into your bathroom space is through tile.  Use a mix of tile shapes and size to create a “tile rug” composed of hexagonal tiles in the centre of the room breaks up the large amount of floor space.  Or add a modern tiling design in a shower, but juxtaposition this by using fixtures with more classical details and design.  Adding a large modern design soaker tub with classical fixtures also injects the bathroom space with a touch of classical innovation.



Mixing Mediums: Don’t be afraid to mix finishes; gold and black make a great combo for plumbing and lighting fixtures and bring a bit of modern glam to the room.  Mixing textures is a surefire way to add dimension to a space.  Warmth from wood cabinetry pulls texture against the cool, smooth finishes of the walls, tile, and countertops.



Also, consider tactile details.  How?  Layer a bathroom design by adding a pizazz of texture to your bathroom space by adding wood with a natural grain texture, unpolished stone, and matte finishes.  This will create a stunning amplified mix of textures and colours in your bathroom space.





Organic Lighting: To balance and create a mood or set a tone for a bathroom space; creative and functional lighting solutions are key.  Bathroom lighting doesn’t just brighten up your space, but it can also help you transition from day to night peacefully and wake you up in the morning. When you’re getting ready for a day at the office or a night on the town, bad lighting can make it impossible to get out of the door. And when you wind down after a long day, harsh lighting can jolt you awake and cause you to stay awake longer.


Enhance or add some natural light.  Don’t cover up real windows if you have them or remodel your bathroom space to open it up with windows or a skylight.  If adding natural light sources are not feasible, then incorporate some innovative and creative lighting solutions.  Doing your best to mimic natural light can be difficult without clever lighting solutions.



This is where built-in lighting comes in from overhead pendants to sconces or recessed lighting.  There are endless choices and ways to customize your bathroom space.


Incorporating lighting into your bathroom space with lit mirrors is a great option.  And you can even take it a step further and add a lit mirrored cabinet to optimize your bathroom functionality with both storage plus lighting.



A great solution is to recess mount a mirrored cabinet, so it rests seamlessly in the wall above the vanity.   The SIDLER Quadro mirrored cabinet offers a non-distracting and functional alternative with its dimmable integrated LED lighting and nightlight.  The Quadro functions both as a main light source to illuminate the majority of a bathroom space as well as, providing ambient and task lighting for everyday bathroom habits and grooming.  So, it makes getting ready in the morning much easier when the lighting works for you or, you can dim the cabinet light to set the mood for a nice, relaxing bath before bed.



Other creative bathroom lighting solutions are to undermount lights to the vanity cabinet or add recess lighting in the shower to not only brighten the space, but to also cast a shine on the varied materials and textures.



Living Elements: Wood, stone, and metal are great materials that add a natural touch to a bathroom. Along with texture, they bring imperfect shapes and patterns that add realism and dimension.



What people don’t often consider when designing a space is how it physically feels.  Plumbing with live finishes, such as brushed nickel stands the test of time, aging with you and your home.  Eventually, they evolve and take on a patina finish.  Live finishes feel different than their sealed counterparts because there is a depth and heaviness to them, effectuating a sense of vitality.



New and Improved Porcelain: As an alternative to natural stone, the benefits of porcelain may outweigh splurging on marble or quartz.  Tactile elements ensure it feels just like the real thing, and the manufacturing process ensures its not as easily stainable or breakable as real stone.



The more modern iteration of porcelain is also eco-friendly and sustainable.  It is made from recycled content such as, road waste where the process for producing the porcelain does not put a strain on the environment like its counterpart does.  It costs less energy, water, and manpower to build, cut, and transport.  And the added bonus is, it’s available in large format and adaptable to any style and colour giving you a large palette of options to style and design your bathroom space. 



As well, this eco-friendly porcelain can be installed just like tile where its large format results in less seams for a smoother more continuous visual effect. 




The overall theme of the New Year for the bathroom space is distinct design with harmonious contrasts.  Adding touches of soft contrast creates focal points against a neutral canvas or grounding element to draw the eye in, melding the entire bathroom design into one blended mix of colours, materials, textures, and shapes.


Also, mixing classic with modern, or masculine and feminine touches, and natural features ensure a timeless design.  For 2023, it’s all about how you mix and match the old with the new to create unique combinations that remain timeless for years to come.


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SIDLER wants to thank Interior Designer, Jamie Banfield Design who graciously offered his time, expertise and insights into the bathroom design trends for 2023.



We are honoured you offered us your time and contribution!


One part creative, one part technical, Jamie Banfield Design Inc. is an award-winning residential design team recognized for their timeless, warm, West Coast style. Located in Port Moody, British Columbia,


Jamie Banfield specializes in transforming spaces into well-edited and timeless creations. Inspired by the West Coast’s beauty, Banfield integrates detailed millwork, unique textures, reclaimed materials, and natural elements into each of his designs showcasing his unique perspective and love for carefully crafted functionality in his finished spaces. With his training and background in design, manufacturing, construction, and custom millwork, Banfield leads his team with his intrinsic understanding of the total design process for both renovation and new build projects.


Along with being recognized by the NKBA as one of the industry’s top “30 Under 30” in North America, “One to Watch” by Western Living Magazine, and a Finalist for the Robert Ledingham Memorial “Emerging Designer of The Year Award,” Jamie has also appeared on numerous TV outlets and lifestyle talk shows across North America.


Jamie’s list of TV appearances:


October 2022 – TD Spotlight



January 2020 – Global TV News


October 2019 – Global TV News


October 2015 – That Talk Show



June 2015 – That Talk Show