SIDLER® International Ltd.




And….SIDLER is Leidenschaft!  SIDLER is Passion!

Leidenschaft stands for ‘passion’ in Swiss German, which is abundant in the people who build SIDLER products.  Passion and quality is put into every SIDLER mirrored cabinet built.

SIDLER also means ‘love’ for a love of detail and a love of practical innovation.  These are the best words to describe the company, the people and their products.

The SIDLER mirrored cabinets’ luxury design is light, airy, atmospheric and high quality offering practical storage solutions; making it a consumer market leader in Switzerland and in North America.



Otto Sidler founded SIDLER® Metallwaren AG in 1964 because; he wanted to build quality products his way.  From his humble beginnings in an old warehouse, Otto manufactured the first SIDLER mirror bathroom cabinet in 1967.



SIDLER has produced their high quality, innovative designed mirrored cabinets now for more than 60 years.  The illuminated, mirrored bathroom cabinets produced in Switzerland by SIDLER® International Ltd. offer first-class design and quality workmanship to ‘Swiss’ standards.

Using the latest technologies alongside UL and CSA certification, our illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinets set high standards during the production phase creating a finessed, high quality end product.

Our plant in Switzerland employs strict quality control measures by implementing stringent monitoring and various inspection check points in order to; ensure only the best, high quality product is given to our customers.



SIDLER® Mirrored Medicine Cabinets has become an equitable consumer market leader within the architecture, home building, property development and interior design industry.

We have a large project portfolio where our collections can be found in private residential homes and large scale high-rise or multi-residential project across Europe and North America.

We implement a strong business acumen to provide unique design solutions within our collaborative partnerships with builders, architects and designers.  Our standard mirrored cabinet collections or a customized design solution, based on designer requirements is showcased in our portfolio of development and building projects.

SIDLER® continues to strive as an industry leader, providing design solutions for our consumers by adding innovative, unique, modern and high quality mirrored medicine cabinets to their residential space or commercial property.