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    SIDLER, Time to Get Illuminated!

    By Mario Sidler March 4, 2017 SIDLER Blog

    Time to Get Illuminated! SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet’s many stand out features and options are what makes this a high-quality, luxury and practical storage solution for your bathroom and home.   SDILER wants to provide a summary and education on our Mirrored Cabinet Collections to assist customers in finding… Read More

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    Medicine Cabinets in Swiss Quality – The NEW Sidelight!

    By cific March 4, 2017 SIDLER News

    Introducing the New SIDELIGHT From SIDLER®   SIDLER Medicine Cabinet, mirror cabinets, light mirrors   Medicine cabinets at SIDLER have taken innovation to a new level by creating what looks like a “lighted mirror” into a “gliding door” for our new SIDELIGHT Mirrored Cabinet collection.  At a first… Read More