spring bathroom design trends


As it happens every single year, most of us are excited to see the coming of spring with its warmer weather and brighter, warm colours of nature blooming.  So, when spring blooms upon us, what comes to mind first in interior design is nature or natural textures and materials, bold and tranquil finishes, and an overall freshness in the layering of natural textures.


So, as May rolls around, we wanted to touch on the 5 ways to design a bathroom in order to add some ‘spring’ themed design elements into this space!


To help us start this journey, SIDLER is honoured to have Jamie Banfield from Jamie Banfield Design.  Jamie Banfield is the Founder and Principal Interior Designer of this award-winning interior design firm to provide his expertise and insight into 5 design tips to add touches of spring into your bathroom.


All photos of Jamie Banfield Design projects credited to Janis Nicolay Photography.



Let’s get started with a look into 5 spring season inspired design tips!






A growing trend over the last few years and still gaining traction is adding an organic, moody feature or texture.  Depending on the design theme whether, it be either a more casual or a sophisticated space, “the bath should be the destination where one finds balance,” said Seth Fritz, Industrial Designer.


Natural and organic are some of the things that comes to mind when we think of spring.  So, adding organic textures such as concrete finishes, plasters and terrazzo’s are very fitting when mixing or combining natural texture in your bathroom design.  You can also add finishes such as, fixtures and fittings from manufactures in organic dark, aged and moody texture, which brings both depth and nuance for a sense of beautiful complexity.



As a pro-tip, we suggest mixing these spring touches with subtle tones and tints of a neutral darker colour as this will make a space feel cohesive and ensure the space will last the test of time and stay current.  For example, a very dark hue such as black has been a bathroom trend, which can be seen specifically in stand-out fixtures or in matte black bathtubs.  And adding black wall coverings or wrapping dramatic finishes on the ceiling or adding dramatic flooring for a striking contrast will imprint a large stamp in paving the way for the beginnings of creating a ‘moody’ design theme with these organic spring design touches.



We will also see these elements of design start to bloom over the next few years and make a key stamp on interior design with other added touches such as, metals tiles, hand hammered metals, and leather accessories inferred from Victorian touches to finish off that tailored bathroom suite.





We are all lovers of the three “R’s” that represent “rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation”.  And springtime is when we start to think more of these three “R’s” as the daylight hours start to get longer, and nature starts to “spring” into action with greenery and warmer temperatures blooming upon us.



Layering both natural textures and man-made finishes is a key element in both modern and spring season inspired design.  Durable materials craft the perfect fit to create this relaxing and rejuvenating space while not compromising on style.  So, when we think of bold colours such as blue or purple, we might not think these are colour themes of timeless tranquil bathroom spaces.


Muted colours, mixed with natural textures are key to creating a tranquil light and airy space for that touch of spring!  And purple is one of these colours that can be added throughout a bathroom space where you will see layered tones and tints of purple in the vanity, vanity feature wall tile, countertop material and the feature tile throughout the shower and water closet that mimics a unique and exotic natural stone.



A pro-tip when selecting materials and finishes is to note how the textures and materials will play off each other such as, in the polished mirror finish, the glass around your seamless shower or the whole porcelain of your toilet and undermount sink.  Also, adding design elements with more matte, honed and three-dimensional textures will girdle an eye-catching contrast between these polished items.


Another tip is layering man-made materials such as, large format porcelain tile flooring and shower surround ensures an easy to clean and maintained space.  Clean and crisp reflects certain things we associate with the spring season such as doing our “spring cleaning” or the fresh “smell of spring”. 





Powder rooms are typically spaces compromised by space.  Small spaces can be dramatic by adding statement pieces that showcase your taste and personality.  And a little touch of ‘spring’ design can be added to these smaller bathroom spaces to make it pop!



For example, picture a floating vanity mixed with a natural vibrant stone and walnut wood countertops with a seamless transition creating the perfect space for some decor items.  These items can range from rolled up towels, mixing metals, natural stone, wood grain, wallpaper which when married together makes for an “eye-candy” bathroom space.  Your eyes will never stop roving around and indulging in all of these meshed and layered design details.



You can also add a dark matte paint to the ceiling with an elongated mirror stretching from the floor to the ceiling to pull our eye from floor to ceiling creating the illusion of a larger breadth of space in a smaller bathroom.  This can also be added to a larger bathroom for a breathtaking boost of drama. 


Other design touches are adding a vibrant stone slab, large format and moving wallpaper, dramatic ceiling colour and bold veining from the walnut vanity.  All of these design elements not only add a touch of timelessness and a ‘spring’ to your bathroom design, but also adds warmth, an organic visual movement and elegance to any space.  So, don’t be afraid to mix textures, finishes and colours.





No matter what season it is, storage is always key for home and particularly in bathroom design.  And storage is central to any size home and bathroom.  So, with the coming of the spring season and in lieu of doing the annual spring cleaning; access to functional storage in our home to tuck away our winter themed items is a standout feature.  And for a spring themed bathroom design, this key design element applies where adding functional storage to your bathroom space will also be an integral, timeless feature. 



Easy access and functional storage are crucial in bathroom design for our toothbrushes, make-up, or any of our day-to-day toiletries.  And one multi-functional storage solution is the integration of mirrored cabinets with LED lighting to brighten any bathroom design.  Or adding a cabinet vanity with open storage below in the form of exposed shelving for candles or spring touches such as, some small plants or aromatic spring colour decorative soaps or other decor. 



And what is wonderful in interior design is homeowners are starting to see the huge value of incorporating more customized and integrated storage details and doing so especially in the bathroom space.  For example, instead of purchasing a low-cost shampoo caddie for the shower; recessed, integrated niches and cubbies are being carved into the shower or bathtub tile wall design.  Or a built in, integrated ledge behind the vanity or above the toilet with a custom mitered detail (that is water resistant) for clean custom look is added.  Other special touches are integrated lighting that runs up the full length of shower for a pop of lighting around the carved cubbies. 





We when think of personality we think of colours and what better placed than a small bathroom or powder room to add colour.  And springtime is especially the season of the year where we all start thinking more of colours to brighten up and outshine a dreary, dark winter season. 


When working with a small space, you can either go big or go home!  So, add a splash of personality into your bathroom space with vibrant large-scale patterns or splashes of colour.  And don’t be scared or too shy to take an even further design leap by mixing these vibrant patterns and textures in a collage of eye-catching visual effect as this is one space where you can have some fun by adding some personality and drama.


Creating a home design and bathroom design should not only be fun, but it should reflect your personality.  So, let’s tell your guests who you really are!



Bold colours can sometimes add a date stamp on your bathroom design, and possibly make this space feel dated overtime.  So, texture, texture and more texture is your friend not your foe to incorporating personality into your bathroom design.  So, be bold in your design approach and mix and match textures such as, woods, metals, plasters, and bold wallpapers.


Or add a vibrant stone slab, large format and moving wallpaper, dramatic ceiling colour, or add a bold veining tile extending from the walnut vanity.  All of these elements not only splash your bathroom with personality, but also adds warmth, movement, and elegance to any space.



And if you are limited on the time and budget you want to invest into your bathroom design or renovation; a great pro tip for a quick and cost-effective way to add some personality is to just paint the ceiling and the interior walls a dramatic, moody colour.  And add some low-cost spring touches such as a small plant or flowers or décor with spring colour themes.





The spring season is the time of year where we can all get energized and revitalized by the coming of warmer weather, nature blooming with flowers and trees and increased opportunities to leave the house more often to enjoy outdoor activities and events.  And with this excitement of the blooming of spring, our bathroom spaces can also be reenergized and revitalized with spring colours, textures and design touches bringing some spring season splashes into our living space.


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