Introducing the New SIDELIGHT From SIDLER®


SIDLER Sidelight

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Medicine cabinets at SIDLER have taken innovation to a new level by creating what looks like a “lighted mirror” into a “gliding door” for our new SIDELIGHT Mirrored Cabinet collection.  At a first glance it looks very similar to other sliding door cabinets that are available on the market. However, this cabinet goes beyond the simple upward design.


This is a medicine cabinet actually has light integrated into the cabinet making it fully capable of illuminating light at any door configuration whether, open or closed.  Now imagine if the light was simply on the door, as you glide the mirror upwards… then what?  Unless you are Shaquille O’Neal or Yao Ming, you probably would not find that helpful.  This may seem like common sense but the irony is … other mirrored cabinets have not taken this into account with their engineering.  SIDLER® specializes in mirrored and lit medicine cabinets, and we take pride in our in-house Switzerland production where the consumer can see the fruits of our labour in reviving a quality product for their home.


With the introduction of LED, Tall and SIDELIGHT collection, we have simply adopted the “welcome to the future” motto, which means that we have created products for people to appreciate the ascetics as well as producing a functional cabinet.  Simple enough,  we have learn a lot from over 60 years of operation.  Swiss design is everywhere, we got Rolex, we got Chocolate and now you have SIDLER.



SIDLER® International Ltd. - SIDLER® SIDELIGHT - Bathroom Mirror Cabinets, Medicine Cabinets - Vancouver BC, Canada

SIDLER® SIDELIGHT – Bathroom Mirror Cabinets, Medicine Cabinets




There are a list of some feature:


  • 4 sizes: 23 ¼ 31 ¼ 35 ¼ 47 ¼
  • Gliding Mirror Door Functionality
  • Seamless LED Light 46 W
  • Dimmable
  • Temperature Lighting options:
    • 3280 Lumen (3000K) & 3440 Lumen (4000K)
  • Silverlasting Mirror
  • Mirror cabinet back
  • Patented Shelf adjustment system
  • Built-in outlets and USB
  • Hidden Functional storage space
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Cosmetic Box


Built-in USB and Outlets

Built-in USB and Outlets – SIDLER SIDELIGHT Medicine Cabinets