A How To Guide For Installing Your SIDLER Diamando Mirrored Cabinet!


Install of a SIDLER Minored Cabinet is seamless!   SIDLER created a video tutorial on how to install your Diamando Mirrored Cabinet.  A common practice with alot of products in the home decor industry, and especially with the contractor you hired is to dispose of the installation manual assuming, installation is simple and straightforward.  Installation of all of SIDLER’s cabinet collection is straightforward if the installation manual is followed.  And if you need further assistance or have  questions our North America office is here to provide help.



And if an instruction manual is not helpful, we have a solution for you!   Creating this installation video tutorial provide a step by step guide to a SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet installation so, there will be less stress and you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new mirrored cabinet.



Featured in this installation tutorial video is Mario Sidler, Product, Sales and Product Manager of SIDLER International and SIDLER Swiss in Switzerland.  Think of Mario as your personal contractor and tutor for your SIDLER medicine cabinet installation, and this will help you install the Diamando Cabinet with ease.



Find out more about Diamando Collection (including features and spec sheets) here: