The Sidler

Seinfeld Sidler – Parody

Description of the Clip:

Elaine gives Tic Tacs to the sidler to make him noisy; unfortunately, the sound annoys J. Peterman, which reminds him of an old Haitian torture method and if he hears another rattle,

Elaine will be fired (since he mistakenly believes it was her all along). Elaine confronts the Sidler and suggests an alternative, like gum; however the Sidler hates gum, but only enjoyed the Mickey Mouse gumball machine which “they stopped making 20 years ago.”

Elaine and the Sidler knocking out Celia once again to play with her toys. (and Sidler can have access to the gum)

************This is strictly for Parody Purposes, Sidler Does not own any of the original clip*****************