Season Greetings, Everyone! Introducing the New Electric Modello Cabinet


We have new and exciting news around the Holiday Season! Our Sidler Modello Cabinets are UL Certified and fully in-stock.

sidler meme cabinets

Modello cabinets are beautifully designed with anodized aluminum finish. All sizes include a mirrored back and of course our famous distortion-free double-sided door.

Highlighted Features :

Double-sided Mirror Doors
Anodized Aluminum Body
Mirror Interior
Blum Soft-close Hinges
Electrical Outlet *NEW* UL Certified and more

You must try our custom cabinet creator! with new Add-ons such as Sidler Handle and Electrical Outlet – it is not just a cool game to play but rather a functional tool to create your customized Modello. (see below for User Interface of Configurator)

Adding the add-ons is simple:  drag and drop the icons, that corresponds to the feature you would like to add, on top your cabinet.  You will also notice the price will change on the total section (bottom left of configurator). Canadian and American currencies are available.

(see below for User Interface of Configurator with the addition of Aluminum Handle)


Electric Modello

You can now drag and drop the electrical outlet into the cabinet and the configurator will correspond with that functionality. Upon the initial launch of the Modello Cabinet Creator, we revealed the demo for the electrical outlet option, and it was a big hit!

Fast forward to today…. the Modello electric cabinets are officially available and in-stock (see image below for Electrical Outlet Option)


You will no longer have to specify between Right or Left Door Configuration as the MODELLO Collection contains hinge locations on both sides; thus a separate SKU is not required.

  • with our online cabinet creator, you can play around with the functioning icons in order to OPEN/CLOSE the cabinet as well as changing door opening (see image below).


We will work hard to bring your exceptional service and products.  We hope you like this cabinet which starts at the unbeatable 499$ – Contact your Local Sidler Dealer Today



Find out more about UL Certification by clicking on the UL icon below:

“UL helps companies demonstrate safety, confirm compliance, enhance sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security, protect brand reputation…


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