I was recently going through SIDLER’s files and I found out that there is so much we offer but its hard to explain in simplified text.

For example, “SilverLasting Double-Sided”  speaks on the durability of the mirrors over time and how it can withstand desilvering; but majority of people don’t know what desilvering is (which is fair if you are not in the industry).

Here is a great source : Why do Mirrors Desilver? – Essentially the exposure to moisture and cleaning products such as Windex will slow deteriorate your mirrors (see below for images)

desilvering mirrors


That’s not all!


SIDLER often brags about “distortion-free mirrors” but some people assume that all mirrors are the same (by the way I was in that group of some people a year ago😂😂)

The short answer is, they are not! (Some look like a fun house from far away – I personally tried this – not impressed with some companies)

distortion mirrors



Mirrors correlate usually to how much you spend on them, a cheaper mirror will cause much more distortion than a higher-end Mirror that has been thoroughly designed not to have any imperfections.

sidler modello

SIDLER’s Signature distortion-free mirrors


I will make a video and explain the different about distortion-free and SilverLasting (in full detail including standards), because lets be honest – a lot of people won’t even read this article let alone the ones I linked. We are in a digital age and the power of visuals have never been more prevalent.

Sidler’s Tall Distortion-Free

The main point of this post was for our YouTube video below. It will explain what SIDLER has to offer but more of an overview – please stay tuned for more information.


Let me add one final point.. Storage

Ross from friends dates hoarder


We could all use some extra storage space to keep all little more organized. SIDLER’s integrated lighting as well adjustable shelves, creates more incentive to invest into a medicine cabinet because you wouldn’t be sacrificing aesthetics for organization or just overall functionality.


SIDLER’s Cosmetic Box and Magnifying Mirror (storage at its finest)

Without any more delays! Here is the SIDLER video!