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Lets talk FACTS!!

It is no secret that LED is not the future but rather the now.

The fact that you can get 50,000 hours of light via this energy efficient source should come as no surprise.

Comparing Lights


We love to compare lighting sources often, lets go with Fluorescent light compared to LED lamp:

  • For every fluorescent light that lasts 8,000 hours, an LED Lamp will omit light for 25,000 hours.

Saving Money makes everyone happy but when you can do something to benefit the Environment, that gives you an amazing feeling as well.

Certifying LEED


We love the LEED Certification which focuses on creating buildings that are environmentally conscious, and it doesn’t take much to make the switch. Metal can be recycled and LED lamps can be installed


You can always add a SIDLER to your building and rest assured that you are receiving a high quality product that is environmentally friendly


Find out more about lighting and the impact you can have in changing our environment by taking a greener initiative at Earth LED.


Lets observe this picture above  of basic LED lighting! Do you see how this light is dots?

I am sure you have seen this before (other products etc) but I personally am not the biggest fan of this.

Seamless White LED light is what SIDLER provides and I think it should be the standard.


Here is an example:


sidler medicine cabinets



Looking at SIDLER’s LED Collection or actually any other company that focuses on adding the LED lighting, and maintaining that seamless look

you will Notice a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!

Here is a great source! go to LED World  and see what you are missing.


No more spot lighting!
Seamless is so much better!


How does this all tie into SIDLER?


We Just launched our New LED Video


The LED Collection is Beautiful and a functional storage piece.


In Addition, the recessed contemporary look provides a clean finish to any bathroom yet this mirror cabinet can be surface mounted as well.


Not your typical medicine cabinet but I will say no more!! Watch the video and enjoy

Sidler's Cosmetic Box and Magnifying Mirror

Sidler’s Cosmetic Box and Magnifying Mirror

SilverLasting Double-sided Mirror Doors

SilverLasting Double-sided Mirror Doors

Blum soft-close hinges

Blum soft-close hinges








Features of SIDLER’s LED Collection:

  • Seamless LED Light
  • Dimmable 1 – 10V
  • Integrated Lighting System
  • Concealed, BLUM Soft-close Hinges
  • Patented Shelf Adjustment System
  • SilverLasting Double-Sided Mirror Door
  • Distortion Free Mirrors
  • Mirrored Interior
  • Built-in Outlets
  • Functional Storage Space
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Magnifying Mirror (2.5 Times)
  • Cosmetic Box
  • Understated Aluminum Handles


  • Side Mirror Kit for Surface Mounting


Find out more here: https://www.sidler-international.com/collections/led/