It seems like we get Messy often!

Especially when we are rushing out of the house to get to work or school; wouldn’t it be ideal to have some form of organizational system to help you stay tidy.

Hold that thought… now!!!
Lets talk about something random but more importantly, something cool.


This may not have enough clout or popularity in the Plumbing industry or overall home decor, but lets make it cool.

Does your bathroom need some organization ? or  does it need organization and you wont admit it

I don’t want to say medicine cabinets are cool but I will say Medicine Cabinets are functional (Sidler’s are cool and functional 🙂 Though ). It makes your place so much better by  cleaning up and adding some organization value.


You can add light inside or an outlet to charge your phone when using the bathroom.

Lets be honest we all use our phones for entertainment, no one uses magazines anymore, sorry print people but that industry is slowly dying.

Luckily I will not be just putting lots of text full of information that you may miss – Instead you can watch a video below courtesy of HGTV



Info About the Video Provided by HGTV Youtube ChannelHouse Counselor Laurie March glams up a boring medicine cabinet with decorative paper, then adds a few special touches to keep it organized.


Laurie March uses her vision for organization and overall creative mind to spice up this bathroom while giving the medicine cabinets a makeover. To bring this all in full circle, I just have to talk about the Tall Collection from Sidler – I will just give you facts.


Can be in your closet or bathroom




  • 3 sizes: 15 ¼ 19 ¼ 23 ¼
  • Full Length Mirror Door
  • Styling Shelf
  • Hair Dryer Holder
  • Accessory Hooks
  • Silverlasting Double-sided Mirror Door
  • Blum soft-close hinges
  • Understated Aluminum Handles
  • Mirror cabinet back
  • Shelf adjustment system
  • Functional storage space
  • Anodized Aluminum Body


  • 4″ Depth
  • 6″ Depth
  • Side Mirror Kit for Surface Mounting
  • Semi-recessing


If text is again too much – watch a short video 🙂


I hope I have convinced you to keep your bathrooms clean via medicine cabinets. There are other ways such as an accessory storage piece, thus the SIDLER tall works best, but I will let you be the Judge.


Until next time!