Mirrored medicine cabinets versus standard mirrors?


There are a number of homes where the bathrooms only have a standard mirror.  So, a good question to ask is how a mirrored cabinet in comparison has so many more benefits than just a standard bathroom mirror?


Mirrored cabinets are an option to consider for a bathroom design versus just a standard mirror as they can offer a functional as well as a, luxurious and seamless design element for your bathroom.


And SIDLER’s mirrored medicine cabinets are not only a luxury design but they are the perfect storage solution for you!


Let’s take a look at how a mirrored medicine cabinet compares with a standard mirror!

 SIDLER VS Regular Mirror


First of all, let’s look at the pictures below for a visual comparison between a standard bathroom mirror and a mirrored cabinet with storage.


There are three images.  The first image is of a woman using a traditional, regular mirror with a bathroom counter full of clutter.  The second image is of a woman using a SIDLER Sidlelight Mirrored Cabinet.  In the third image, you can see the interior view of the Sidlelight Mirrored Cabinet showcasing its storage options with the patented shelf-adjusting system (click here to learn more about SIDLER’s patented shelf-adjustment system).


Woman using a traditional mirror with bathroom counter clutter.


Woman using a SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet, with storage in a beautiful, seamless design.


Woman using Medicine Cabinet
Woman using a SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet, with storage in a beautiful, seamless design. No counter clutter.


As you can see from these images, the standard bathroom mirror takes up wall space as just a ‘mirror’.  So, if you want storage it leaves very little room for options other than seeing the typical bathroom ‘counter clutter’ you see here in the first photograph.  This is not only visually unappealing, but it also creates clutter leaving little counter-top space room.  Also, the image reflected from the standard mirror can be distorted and not as clear or sharp.


When you see the image of the woman using the SIDLER Mirrored Cabinet, not only is the mirror reflection crisp and clear with zero distortion, you can see the storage options and even a USB charging port.  It is practical storage solutions with other many convenient options including creating a completely minimalist, clutter free bathroom.


Let’s discuss the 3 reasons for why a mirrored medicine cabinet is worth the investment as a key design feature in a bathroom.



What are the top 3 reasons for investing in a mirrored medicine cabinet?




If you have alot of toiletries and like to have these organized and easily accessible without cluttering your home or bathroom space, then you will want some storage solutions.  It’s fair to assume that we need better organization in general, but sometimes we don’t know where to start.


So, how do you organize your space without the clutter and also, add some luxury to your bathroom?  You can add a mirrored medicine cabinet to your bathroom.


SIDLER Sidelight Mirrored Cabinet

SIDLER Sidelight Mirrored Cabinet (opened)


Mirrored medicine cabinets are a smart storage solution as it not only de-clutters your bathroom counter, but it also offers a convenient space to store toiletries within easy reach versus the inconvenience of storing bathroom necessities in the cabinet under the sink..  It saves you the hassle of having to bend or kneel down and reach below the sink to try to find your toiletries.  And for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with a pedestal sink where there is very little storage options or space; a mirrored cabinet is the perfect solution.


Also, a mirrored cabinet can be flush or recessed mounted for a stunning, atmospheric appearance or more traditionally mounted such as on the surface.  So, storage and stunning design are combined in one!





This goes hand-in-hand with REASON NUMBER ONE where using a seamless storage option such as  medicine cabinets, it automatically results in the bonus of having organization. 


SIDLER Tall Mirrored Cabinet

SIDLER Tall Mirrored Cabinet (opened)


How someone wants to organize their belongings such as bathroom toiletries is all about about customization and this is also, where a mirrored medicine cabinet does the job.  SIDLER Mirrored Cabinets feature an easy adjust  shelving system (click here for an example).  So, if you have those tall electric tooth brushes or various sized toiletries or a hair dryer; you will definitely have the practical beauty of customization.


There are some useful organizational tips you can find online such as this video, 7 Tips & Tricks for Closet Organization from HGTV!




There is a quote, “let there be light”, which is a reference to the creation and birth of light.


So, when it comes to light, we need light in our daily lives for all we do from cooking in the kitchen to driving our car at night to working at your desk in the office; the list goes on.  And your bathroom routine needs light where the light not only has to be crisp and clear, but also saves on energy usage.   There are, however, some mirrors where lights are included, but it does not compare to an integrated lighting system such as in a lit mirrored cabinet, which also can include LED (as a feature) lighting as well.



There are some standard mirrors where the light is included promote this as one of their highlight features, which is why they are referred to having this feature as a part of their name, ‘light and mirror’.   But instead of this, why not invest in a cabinet that has an integrated light as in the case of a lit mirrored cabinet with lots of storage space, organization opportunities, maybe a USB port or electrical outlet (or both) and of course lighting (dimmable as well)?


Who doesn’t love light and want a bathroom to be as bright as possible?  The lit and LED cabinet collections from SIDLER are the ideal and practical solution.




Not everyone may initially think they need a mirrored medicine cabinet, but once you make the leap to invest in one for your bathroom or home, you will find it so much more practical and useful in comparison to a simple standard traditional mirror.


Mirrored medicine cabinets are a practical, seamless and elegant solution that will transform your bathroom.  It gives you the storage and organization you never knew you needed to de-clutter your bathroom, and help you do your daily bathroom tasks such as, apply make-up or brush your teeth or shave with a sharp, crisp reflection staring right back at you.  And from a design perspective, they are modern and contemporary so, they add a touch of high-class luxury to your bathroom and home.