Micro Living in a Compact Home?  Storage Solutions to Consider!


You don’t have to give up storage and functional space to live in a smaller home!


In 2007, there was an emergence of the tiny-house movement or the “small-house” movement within North America, which is an architectural and social movement advocating living simply in small homes.  By 2012, these tiny homes eventually evolved into even smaller spaces as these ‘homes on wheels’ with under 400 square feet or even less in living space.


Living in these smaller spaces are appealing to some prospective home buyers due to affordability and also the desire to create a more minimalist lifestyle.


So the question is, is there still a surging trend for tiny homes?  And if so, why does this trend exist and how has it evolved in the current real estate market climate? 


In the current North America real estate market, the tiny house on wheels is still a home option for some, but issues such as getting bank financing, having the assurance of quality, solid and safe construction and also, where to park the home given inhibitive zoning laws are all unappealing to a percentage of prospective home buyers who want to or can only afford to live in a smaller space.  Given this, new more practical and appealing trends for this percentage of the home buyer population is emerging, which encompasses the ideology of ‘micro living’ with micro-homes or micro-condo living spaces.  These micro living spaces are also an affordable option for renters within a growing, high-cost rental market.


These new trends create so many more options in micro living for everyone who wants a more minimalist living space or for those looking for a more economical, lower cost home.  There is something for everyone!


What are these new micro living trends?  Let’s……