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What are the Bathroom Design Trends for 2022?


Before we jump into looking at the exciting 2022 bathroom design trends, we first want to wish everyone a Season’s Greetings and a Happy Holidays for 2021!  We at SIDLER hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season with well wishes for a bright and joyous new year.


Let’s take a look at the upcoming bathroom design trends for the new year from an interior design expert. 

To help us start this journey, SIDLER has been honoured to have Jamie Banfield from Jamie Banfield Design who is the Founder and Principal Interior Designer of this award-winning interior design firm to provide his expertise and insight into the bathroom design trends for 2022.


So, without further ado, we will take you on a journey into what will be trending for bathroom design in 2022.


Let’s get started!


Top 5 Bathroom Design Trends in 2022

By Jamie Banfield – Jamie Banfield Design


We are excited to see what 2022 has in store for design trends and styles!  There is a growing mindset of the bathroom as a space filled with a person’s functional, every day needs reflective of their lifestyle choices, tastes and preferences.  So, all of these factors are relevant in the choices made when putting together that tailored bathroom suite to create a harmony of style and personality.


Whether it is a large and spacious principal bathroom or a small and compact powder room; the bathroom space should embody a careful layering of certain details and texture married together creating not only a tailored design, but a design that has a familiarity and fit to suit the user.


Five key bathroom trends we are predicting that will spring up or grow in 2022 incorporate moody nostalgic pieces, working with timeless and clean whites, layering tranquil details, elements of form and function, and a focus on unique lighting.




Classic whites have been an easy way to update any space and give it a crisp and clean appearance, and we also know this is a colour finish that will work with anyone’s taste.  White is simply a classic touch to any space that adds contrast, brightens up a space, and also adds that clean and crisp feel.


When flipping through magazine we might stop on a pericuan stylized apartment with large span windows, layers of trim and crown mouldings paired with contemporary or Scandinavian designed furniture pieces.  These backdrop walls, windows and mouldings are all painted in the same colour or a white on white.  And this cohesive, matching colour finish tricks the eyes by pulling your glance from floor to ceiling without a breaking any lines making the space feel airy, bright, and larger.


So in 2022, the trend we are going to start seeing is trim, doors, walls and ceilings all painted the same colour or in a white-on-white colour theme creating a clean canvas where splashes of personality are added.




Natural textures and shapes not only add a timeless touch to a space, but it also plays off those not so perfect shapes we find in nature resulting in giving us a sense of calm and a tranquil environment.


Placing your hands on and touching natural textures….