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Collaboration Bathroom Design


COLLABORATION.  What does the word collaboration mean?  This is a word to describe a deeply human activity or a working practice where individuals join and work together for a common purpose to achieve business or personal benefit.  Also, collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common goal or purpose.


So, collaboration serves to produce mutually beneficial and desired outcomes for all of those involved. 


In home and building design, this collaborative approach has helped to build homes for families who have lost their homes due to forces of nature such as the California wildfires in June 2020.   Collaboration has aided the outreach efforts of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity to provide homes or lower cost building materials for low income families or for those who lost their livelihoods and homes due to the COVID pandemic devastation. 


These collaborative acts of generosity and “community giving” are high profile, large scale efforts that receive a great deal of well-deserved accolades and media spotlight.


Then there are the lesser known acts of kindness and generosity that we don’t often hear about where someone helps a friend or a neighbour in need by installing a new light fixture or moving a piece of furniture.  The number of these acts is as endless as the wealth of generosity in itself.    


This was such the case for John Weinstein. 


Who is John Weinsten?


John Weinstein has been in the plumbing, kitchen and bath industry for almost 30 years.  In the past number of years, John has served as the Director of Franz Viegener; the high-end faucet and fixture brand who is a favourite amongst architects and designers.


Here is Franz Viegener’s website.   

Learn more about John Weinstein here.   


What happened to John?


On April 9, 2020, John’s family home in Philadelphia suffered serious damage to the master bedroom and bathroom when an abrupt weather shift from calm to a violent wind storm with 70-mph gusts uprooted a large pine tree, which fell onto his house.  John and his family who were home at the time, miraculously survived, unscathed with no injuries.  This was the good news.  However, the bad news was his home insurance would not cover the cost to properly rebuild and remodel his bathroom. 


Collaboration Bathroom Design



So, a select number of kitchen and bath industry leading manufacturers stepped into help!


In July of 2020, in a collaborative effort, these leading manufacturers and industry leaders joined together to offer their products and services, at no-cost to help out a colleague in need so John could rebuild his bathroom in what is deemed as the “Philadelphia Bathroom Design Project”.   #PhillyBathroomProject


And SIDLER jumped on board as well with this bathroom remodel project by donating the Quadro Mirrored Cabinet for John’s new bathroom.   It has been a great honour for all of the industry leaders involved to be a part of seeing John’s bathroom remodel take fruition and develop from start to finish.  It has been an exciting journey with great anticipation to see the finished bathroom design. 


The end result of this bathroom remodel showcases a bathroom of sleek, modern design by incorporating high-quality, creative and unique aesthetics, which is credited to the talents and vision of Samuel Gordon Architects and Interior Designer Studio Jhoiey Inc.


Collaboration Bathroom Design



Imagine a vision of John’s new bathroom as a painting on an easel or hung up on an art gallery wall where you can admire and soak in its beautiful design aesthetic.  John’s bathroom is a canvas of contemporary panache painted with strokes of beauty and functionality.


With polished paint strokes of elements such as an electric underfloor heating system, innovative drainage system and in-wall flushing system; these all put the ‘rubber stamp’ on functionality.  Floors and walls are covered with the gorgeous Walker Zanger Barcelona ivory matte, polished porcelain.  Fixtures and faucets accessorize this modern canvas of design.


Add to this a Laufen bathtub known for its smooth design and European curves.  And an integrated LED lighting system with the functionality of storage can be seen in the two recess mounted, double door SIDLER Quadro Mirrored cabinets above the duo sink vanity.   


Collaboration Bathroom Design




John Weinstein’s stunning bathroom remodel is the perfect paintbrush stroke of collaboration married with creativity and a sense of community; resulting in the painting of a mesmerizing and pretty picture.


We at SIDLER want to extend our deepest gratitude of thanks to John Weinstein for bringing all of us together in this bathroom remodel design collaboration!


Check out the video to see the start and finish of this bathroom remodel here:



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Also, SIDLER wants to extend accolades to and thank our fellow collaborators:


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